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Teen drug abuse can tear a family apart. You can feel helpless when your child is abusing drugs and acting out. It is hard sometimes to accept the fact that your child who was so sweet just a few years ago is now addicted to drugs and dependent on a substance. Addiction is typically not associated with being a teenager. When we think of addicts, we picture the alcoholic who has been drinking for over 20 years, or the street addict who panhandles for money to buy drugs. When your child is showing signs of drug abuse, tough decisions need to be made. Many times your first or even subsequent attempts to deal with the problem may not be successful.  Addiction is a disease and once you as a parent are ready to admit to yourself that your child is addicted to drugs, you will have taken a significant step towards helping them.  This page was created to provide parents with resources to help them identify and prevent drug abuse by their teens and compassionately assist those who have already acknowledged that a problem exists.


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The Brain and Addiction

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Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin

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Teaching Kids about Drug Abuse



Think your teen may be “experimenting” with drugs, alcohol or tobacco? It’s best to solve problems before they occur or get much worse. Unfortunately, “friends” often try harder to make kids who say “no” to drugs, alcohol and tobacco feel like outcasts. Home testing kits have emerged that protect privacy and provide kids with a socially acceptable excuse, “My parents test me.” For years, police have been the first to know when local kids used drugs while their parents were often the last to know. Now there is a way to REVERSE that trend! Jefferson City Police Dept. recently announced a new alliance with, an organization that has donated free home drug test kit vouchers to be shared anonymously with parents who need them.