If you think it can't happen to you....think again!



Teens and young adults right here in the mid-Missouri area have died as a result of their heroin and opiate/prescription drug abuse.  Their families and local recovering addicts want to inform you that kids from all walks of life can and do die from heroin. Their wish is to help everyone understand that this disturbing trend can and has reached every cultural segment and geographic location of our community and that by sharing their stories it will spare you the tragedy they have endured.

If you think it can't happen to you....think again!









Date of Death:   




Cody Marshall


Jefferson City High School

Skateboarding, won many awards in competition, hanging out with friends

September 27, 2011   


Cody was a skateboarding fanatic, he would skate all day long in all types of weather.  His dream was to be a professional skater.  He had several sponsors. Cody was a stranger to no one, a friend to all. He loved to meet new people and develop friendships and he never forgot his old friends even as far back as first grade!  Cody was a character, he made everyone laugh and he was loved by many...   (Read more)









Name:                            Heather

Age:                                  25



Date of Recovery:          February 01, 2011


the beginning of the abuse

I began drinking hard alcohol with some older kids, and experimented a little with pot. I never really took to it and only did it here and there. After a while a friend of mine started using intranasal cocaine... I was always pretty curious so I tried some and it was just "okay." I would do it once in a while whenever someone had some, but it never really made a big impression on me. I remember the turning point in all of that for me. I was at a house in Jefferson City, with a few older people. I actually walked in on someone using cocaine intravenously. I remember they were on the side of the bed with their arm tied off with a belt. ...    (Read more)