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Protecting Your Dream…

As a young child, your parents had a dream for you.  As you become a teenager, your parents’ dreams can become a distant memory as you struggle with teen behavior or choose to experiment with drugs.   Every teenager has dreams for their future too.  Although you may find it difficult to navigate through the peer pressure, media influence, academic stress and puberty, you can still remember your own dreams for the future.  You must remember your dream and how you planned to achieve it.  Teen drug abuse and teen addiction can steal a parent and child's dreams for their future. 

The Jefferson City Heroin…A Dead End Campaign involves educating the youth in our community about Heroin’s devastating affects so we can restore those dreams and save the lives of local teens so they can avoid a life that leads to a dead end.


The advocates of this Campaign understand the pressures you face daily as a teenager and the changing behaviors that can cause heartbreak, fear and jeopardize your safety and future.  This web page was created to provide teenagers with resources to help them navigate through this crucial period in their lives as it relates to peer pressure and illicit drug use.

Please utilize the resources below to learn more about the topics that concern you.  The Jefferson City Police Department does not endorse or guarantee the integrity of these sites or their sponsors, or the usefulness of the information they present. These links will take you off this site.


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